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This WordPress plugin enables the automation of creation of form element user interface for entering Post’ custom field. User will specify the form input type, the subject, and available options (when applicable). The corresponding form elements will automatically appear in the Write Post page.

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Unpack the file and upload the folder rc-custom-field-gui to wp-content/plugins/. Activate from WP’s Plugin Management page.


This plugin supports the following types of form element: textfield, checkbox, radio, select, and textarea. To specify the custom fields, edit the file conf.ini.

Each entry begins with the subject inside square brackets. The second line specifies its type. The third line, which only applies to type “radio” and “select,” enumerates the available options. Each option has to be separated by a hash mark (#). For type “textarea”, “rows” and “cols” will specify, respectively, the height and width of textarea. The following are sample entries in conf.ini.

The custom fields’ values can be displayed with the regular method or with the help of appropriate plugins.


custom field gui screenshot 1

custom field gui screenshot 2

68 thoughts on “Custom Field GUI

  1. Hi , really great plug in .
    As I’m a noob on this scripts / codes I’d like to ask some help. I’d like to implement a custom field to redirect some posts but in frond of the url I want to add some standard link like a code of a counter or an anonymous url . To be more specific the redirect custom field code is :
    key = redirect
    value = url
    As there will be user’s who post on the blog I want to add a default custom field like :

    key = redirect
    value = “standard prefix” user/poster url

    Any thoughts ?

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. I found what seems to me to be a small bug.
    When I have a field that’s a checkbox, the ‘checked’ state in the form was not working. On looking at the source I noticed an extra set of quotes around the checked=”checked”. I took these out (line 88) and it worked fine. This is WP 2.3.


  3. sorry – that didn’t work. basically just take the extra ” out from around checkbox=”checkbox”

  4. Josh,

    Thanks a million for this plug-in. It is exactly what I was looking for to solve an issue with custom fields in WordPress. Major, major kudos.



  5. I would like to use the plugin be able to choose between a number of urls, but if I use anything else than alphanumeric characters as a ‘value’ i get a parse error. is there a workaround for this?

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  7. I’m a newbie, looking for a way to system-wide set what custom fields are available in the ‘write post’ page. This plugin looks like it. I’m using wordpress 2.3.1; I also wonder if this plugin is compatible?

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  11. This is perhaps the most useful WordPress plugin ever! I wanted to use custom fields for a project but wasn’t sure if it would confuse the person updating the site. This plugin has made it so easy for them. Thank! One small thing, is it possible to move the fields so they are directly under the post text box instead of right down the bottom of the page? Thanks again!

  12. I am using WordPress 2.8.4 but it seems the Plugin doesn’t work with this version. Is this correct?

    Is there a Plugin version that DOES?

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