1001 WordPression Loops

The Loop is the heart and soul of WordPress. It is the one that processes each Post and display to the world wide web what’s been cookin’ behind the WordPress admin panel.

Some quick background reading may be beneficial before proceeding further with designing WordPress Loops.

The following are few models of how the Loop could be applied to a WordPress installation. The sample codes are to be implemented in index.php in a multiple-template theme (the one which has single.php, category.php, page.php, etc) or in home.php when single-template theme (the one which has only index.php) is used.

55 thoughts on “1001 WordPression Loops

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  2. Hi,
    Thank’s in advance.
    Please help me.
    I am using Events Manager in wordpress.

    I have to display current month events in home page, for that i am using below code.
    get_row(“SELECT * FROM chip_em_events WHERE event_category_id=’2′ AND event_id=’4′”, ARRAY_A);
    echo “”;
    echo “$row2[event_name]”;
    echo “$row2[event_notes]”;

    I can get only on event_name and event_notes where id=”4″ but i need to display all events under event_category_id=’2′ for current month.

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