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  1. I’ll give Structured Blogging a spin, but seeing as it lives in various directories throughout WordPress, that doesn’t put me at ease for starters. 1 directory/file dropped into wp-content/plugins is infinitely better.

  2. I dunno Joshua, I downloaded Sructured Blogging and it is very cool and probably has it’s place, but I think yours looks better (from that last screenshot) because you can create them as you need them, rather than having a ton of options when you may only need one or to. I don’t know, from my experience and my personal needs, your plugin looks like it will serve me well. Can’t wait for the release. It’s so funny becasue right before I went to your page yesterday, i was saying to my bosses “when is someone gonna make a plugin where you can make custom field post pages that are category specific” and I went to your site to look at your old plugin and was pleasantly surprised to find this new one. Can’t wait.

  3. I agree with Chris and Travis. A plugin is preferable if it can do the job, and the flexibility of building in what you need instead of picking and choosing from a pre-made list of preset features is better. I like your approach.

  4. Yup, WordPress is easy to keep up-to-date when you have all mods in plugins – as they suggest!

    I’ve tried out Structured Blogging… and well, it’s as it says on the tin – it’s structured! There is no flexibility (apart from hacking up the main files) – Your plugin looks much more promising. It’s much better to be able to create your own custom filed inputs for various tasks.

    Any news on when it’s gonna be out – I could actually really do with this one!!

  5. Any news on when we can expect Custom Panel? And does it make more sense to use Structured Blogging or Custom Fields GUI?

  6. I agree with Nboy. Structured Blogging looks great, but is indeed to much structured. It also gives me options I really don’t need, and the things I do need aren’t really there.
    Custom Write Panel gives the freedom to create what I want. And does that maybe even in a more userfriendly way. (I don’t like that form style that SB uses)

  7. This is looking VERY promising! Thank you very much for continuing to develop this plugin! It is perhaps the most used bit of functionality on my site :)

  8. I evalulated structured blogging for my app (seemed awesome), but once i determined the content was in an XML blob in the desc field, i had to abandon it.

    Why? Because we couldn’t give up the ability to do dynamic sql on the WP database.

    Try doing SQL against xml.

    Since this plugin wasn’t quite ready (and may not have been appropriate anyway), we used custom fields gui plus other in-house written submission scripts.

  9. I prefer flexibility over predefined stuff! Usually, my own ideas are much different from those of the designers. I like to “abuse” tools :)

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