Supported Custom Field Types

I’m bored. So here is the list of supported types of custom fields that can be associated for each custom write panel.

  • Textbox
  • Multiline Textbox
  • Checkbox
  • Checkbox List
  • Radiobutton *
  • Radiobutton List
  • Dropdown List
  • Listbox

* Update: I stroke out Radiobutton from the list because, who wants a control with only one radio button? Such form control just doesn’t make any sense. A Checkbox should be used instead.

13 thoughts on “Supported Custom Field Types

  1. This is a great idea, and I’m looking forward to the first release. I deployed a heavily customized version of rc-custom-field-gui to support allowing people to sign up to host screening events for an independent film (check out to see the results).

    I had to hack in admin support to automatically put posts in a specific category, etc, but did not try to generalize at all. It seems like I’ll be able to ditch most of what I wrote with this new plugin.

    I did add a few features to the ini file that are nice, though, that you might consider adding to this plugin:

    a) Added a “private” flag for fields that are editable by the poster, but that should be supressed in the actual post.

    b) Added a “displaytext” type that serves as a section header. It is simply text output with no input control, to provide instructions to users.

    c) Added a “readonly” flag for fields that can be viewed by users, but only edited by admins.

    If any of these seem worthwhile for your plugin, I’d be happy to assist in any way.

    Thanks for a great plugin — looking forward to this one.

    – Chris

  2. Fabulous, can’t wait to try it out. You could also consider a model like widgets or pre defined settings (such as time/date related posts). Ppl would be able to share these settings then with your plugin.

    Are you considering “required” flag as well?

    Looking forward too!

  3. info,

    I have I hard time trying to understand what you’re trying to convey. Care to elaborate on those widgets?

    So much stuff that could be incorporated into this plugin. What you mentioned is definitely would be included, just maybe not in the first release.

  4. aah, when could a release come out :) cant wait. Could there be also a selectable date field? Preferably through a javascript calendar.

  5. Hi Joshua,

    Sorry for the confusion. What I ment that the widgets functionality ( inspired me to write the prior comment that it could be handy to seperate the settings of a Custom Field Type for distribution. For example, you want a blog to write book reviews, why then have every user deal with setting up the settings in your great plugin to do so? Wouldn’t It be handy that you would be able to download “book review” settings and you’re set to go. Same if you want to add standard types such as events (date, place etc) etc etc. Leave the creation of that to the grateful users of your upcoming plugin :)

    And yes, there is so much possible to add, but the last thing I want is to postpone you release it ;)

  6. Hi,

    I just wanted to say, that I acutally find the radio button useful for some sites. If it’s not a bother to include it, please do. Why limit options unless it’s a real burden to do so?


  7. :) Just wondering, are you considering to tie the types of content to the roles function within WordPress? For example one type of author would only be able to add event, not a review. This would make it possible to offer the right write panels to the right author.

  8. I second info’s suggestion. If possible, the ability to limit special write panels to specific roles would be very useful. It would make it much easier to hold the spam down on event lists and such.

  9. Chris Hyams — Any chance of getting a copy of your hack? The private flag et al would be very useful for a site I’m working on. Thanks.

  10. Hi, thx for the “custom write panel” plugin! I’m playing with it, in combination with “Get Custom Field Values”.

    About the field types

    – what about “formatted text” ? This would summon a textbox like the one for writing posts, with buttons for bold font etc..

    – someting more fun: location picker! Stored as coordinates plus vagueness radius (plus optional text), but selected through textfield (supported by googlemaps geocoding) or map picking. Sounds like hard work, but I am actually working on something in that direction myself, for another project. So, I could offer some cooperation :) (nothing promised, of course!)

    – something similar for date/time? Here I can not offer any help, sorry..

  11. hi all,

    i am using write custom panel with word press mu, for auto activation of blog i am using plugin ‘Plugin Commander’,
    my problem is that when register_activation_hook(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/Main.php’, array(‘RCCWP_Application’, ‘Install’));
    calls install() function. in install() function , for create table of new blog
    it takes prefix of base blog. like ‘wp_1’ instead of something ‘wp_5’ everytime .
    any suggestion ?

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