Use Cases (Contributors)

A contributor, given a valid account, will have the ability to upload and annotate a photo. (For the example of this use case, a contributor wants to highlight the strong foreground in the photo.)

  1. Go to Upload page
  2. Select a file to upload
  3. Select Oval tool
  4. Draw an oval on a region of the photo
  5. Select Strong Foreground pattern to associate while the oval region is selected
  6. Publish the photo

Most of the activities a contributor is capable of will be conducted within an administration area where a valid account is required. The following are activities a contributor can perform within the administration area.

  • View uploaded photos
  • Edit published photos
  • Unpublish photos

When annotating a photo, the following are the tools/functionality that can be selected.

  • Draw oval region
  • Draw rectangle region
  • Select region
  • Delete region

When a region is selected, the following functionality will be enabled.

  • Select pattern
  • Deselect pattern
  • Add a pattern
  • Add a note

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