13 thoughts on “Compatible with WP 2.0-beta-1

  1. Hey man, I’ve searched high and low for support on how to create a comments only page. I tried doing it myself, and no go. I’ve asked for help in the WP forumn and someone pointed me here. You have exactly what I want for my theme i’m creating. Can you plz plz send me the php/code to create a comments only page. Your help would be greatly appreciated. THx

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  4. Thanks for the nice plugin! I had a problem getting it to work with PHP5 though, it gave me an error saying: “Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in” etc.

    Bottom line: it seems that $this could not be used because of php5, so I replaced every instance of it in your rc-custom-comment-text.php with $block1 (‘block1’ could be anything if I am not mistaken). This solved the issue.

  5. hi,
    great stuff!
    Would it be improved (or how could i do to…) on a fixed basis? I mean: what about propose a option menu where we could change the comments values for ALL the posts? I like to change the comments value but i do not want to do it each time…

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