Upgrading Alpha Versions

Several alpha versions have been released the past few days which include upgrade instructions. Generally, there are two ways to upgrade to higher version. The easiest would be to completely uninstall Custom Write Panel plugin, de-activate it, upload new package, and then re-activate the plugin. Complete uninstallation is performed by doing the following steps.

  1. Go to ‘Options’ > ‘Custom Write Panel’
  2. Type uninstall in the last textbox
  3. Click ‘Update Options’
  4. Deactivate the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu

The upgrade method above will delete previously created custom write panels.

Another way of upgrading will involve running some queries via phpMyAdmin (or similar tool) in WordPress database. This method will preserve all custom write panels created. One thing to note when upgrading by the latter method is you can’t skip the upgrade instruction between the old version and the new version. Say, you’re upgrading from version 1.0.0a7 to 1.0.0a10, you will download 1.0.0a10 package, upload it, then you will performed upgrade instruction (when provided) specified for version 1.0.0a8, 1.0.0a9, and 1.0.0a10.

Upgrade script could’ve been included but I’d rather not clutter the code with so many upgrade routines between alpha versions. A proper upgrade script will be supplied for official release to make upgrading smoother, which may only involve de-activating and re-activating the plugin.

6 thoughts on “Upgrading Alpha Versions

  1. Awesome plugin, but I have a question. Is it possible for the Custom Write Panel to publish pages instead of posts? I actually want it to be a sub page of another page. Possible?

  2. Unfortunately this plugin does not work with WordPress 2.3

    This is because WordPress has changed its database tables relating to categories.

  3. I’m attempting to get this to work with Pages, unfortunately I cannot do any editing on the page once it’s created. Otherwise everything else is fine. Any thoughts?

  4. Any word on the categories fix for WordPress 2.3 – I love this plugin soooo much and hope that you are able to fix this issue… good work fella! It makes WordPress more like a CMS system, Custom Write Panel ROCKS my friend!

  5. Oh, and the ability to create pages (like Dale said) would be FANTASTIC!! No need to get into the ‘posts are like pages’ discussion… think SEO and URL construction and you will start to understand I think!

  6. hmm.. I don’t see what is the best place for feature requests…

    What I would really like to see is some combination with “Edit N Place” or similar. Currently, this plugin only allows to edit the “post” section, not eventual other parameters.

    My favourite solution would be one where you get an edit link for every single custom field (or a group of them), which will make pop up ajax controls for exactly this custom field.

    In general, I prefer to spend as little time as possible on the backend!

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