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  1. It doesn’t appear to work at all with 2.1. I’ve activated it, made sure everything is in the plugins folder in wp-content. I tried turning off all other plugins to see if there was a conflict there, but nothing I can do changes it. The custum fields used to show up beneath the main post textarea. Now they don’t show up anywhere.

  2. Further investigation releveals that it doesn’t work in Firefox or Safari. Not sure about IE yet.

  3. Hey thanks for the fix, nice work!

    I’m trying to work out how to restrict this plugin so that it only activates if I’m editing posts from a particular category… any tips on this much appreciated (maybe you could email me)

    Many many thanks :)

  4. Thanks for this handy plugin.
    But I think you should add textarea cols and rows option so that the textarea will be more accessible.

  5. Whenever I have a single quote, it gets escaped when I save the meta data. I have added stripslashes() to the template file to get rid of them, but if the post is edited and saved again, more backslashes are added. Any suggestions on getting rid of these backslashes? Thanks.

  6. I would like to add my support to 3stripe’s request if that is alright. Showing custom fields by category seems like a really good way of extending this fantastic plugin. I can’t believe its not better publicised and added to ‘top 10’ lists… I’ve been looking for something like this for ages to utilise customfields. Thank you!

  7. Same problem as Blake here.. any ideas?
    I agree with Flick: this is a top10 plugin.. Custom fields by category? * B U M P * sounds very good..
    Thanks Joshua

  8. Hey, I’d also like to suggest support for multi-select lists and multi-checkbox lists. Not sure what that’d take, but those seem to be pretty big features of HTML lists and checkboxes that would be nice to have here.

  9. Hi, Josh, and thank you for a great plugin. It has literally saved my possibility to add custom fields to post because the original wp gui for that was not working… Anyway I have a request for an essential functionality that I noticed your plugin lacks: I have been able to add GUIs to the “write post” page, but not to the “write PAGE” page. I’m using “page links to” plugin, so I also need custom fields added in pages but without your plugin I cannot do it… Anyway feel free to visit my page http://www.secretia.com anytime! Thanks again!

  10. Hi Joshua,

    Thank you so much for the great plugin! I am wondering whether there is a way to change the config.ini file, so that the custom field can take values from a database (currently we have to manually input values for each custom field). For example, the custom field name is BookTitle, and I would like to create a drop down with populated values from a database. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Hi Joshua,

    I rewrote part of the rc-custom-field-gui.class.php, now the custom field could be a dropdown with data coming out of the database.

    There is another thing I’ve noticed. It seems in the config.ini file, the value field could not be multi-line. This is odd since the manual of parse_ini_file says that “As of PHP 5.0.0 this function also handles new lines in values”. (This is also the reason I decided pulling the data directly out of the database for the dropdown list)

  12. dang it, this is exactly what I need EXCEPT it’s useless to me without multiple-select checkboxes :( Good work I’m sure, but sadly I cannot use it.

  13. Hey,

    gotta problem on my blog with your great plugin. Under the input mask for a new entry I see the custom fields, but after being published the fields respectivly the content of them dont show up… I think its like this after I installed WP 2.1.2
    Is this a known bug? What can I do to get the fields back ;). And yes, I do use the conf.ini without the “sample”.

  14. if it would have special fields when editing a category (what is a great idea), it would be great, if i would have an option to Write post with that preselected category (and so the right custom fields) – such functionality would just add new items to Write, so you could make Book review category asociate it with custom fields, and in the Write menu would be Write new Book review. It should also work with posts and you should be also able to hide for that category the block you do not need. And then also add special role for each category, so only allowed people will be able to make a post in the category. And also special “manage” menu, so you could do Manage Book review and you will see the list on posts with Book review category, with defined columns (e.g. that defined custom fields) …


    I know i want a lot of things, but if this would exist, it would made this plugin the #1 for my wordpress instalation (#2 after akismet at some instalations) ;)

  15. Looks great. But before I wreck by WP database: I ALREADY have custom fields with precise names for most of my posts. Must I avoid using the same custom field names for my subsequent posts? or will they share with fields in your interface? finally is there any way of importing existing custom field data into your framework?
    Thanks and sorry for simple-minded questions

  16. Message to Xuejin who wrote in these comments on March 5, 2007:

    I rewrote part of the rc-custom-field-gui.class.php, now the custom field could be a dropdown with data coming out of the database.

    Your modification/improvement would help me greatly with my preceeding query!
    Perhaps Joshua can put in touch?

  17. Martin,

    If you have existing custom field keys, you would add those keys to the config file. Next time you edit your post, your custom field value should appear in the interface of Custom Field GUI. This plugin just provides the interface–it pulls and saves data to the same place as if you used the native interface.

    There is no automated way to import existing custom field keys to the config file. Remember, you just need to add the custom field KEYS; you’re not importing post-per-post.

    By the way, you should grab the beta version linked somewhere above if you haven’t already. No one’s complaint about it yet.

  18. Xuejin : a custom dropdown field allowing to make a choice from db data is exactly what I’m currently looking for for a CMS hack of WP.

    Got an email ?

    or Martin : are you planning to add the feature in a coming release ?

  19. Awesome plugin! It’s going to enable me to setup some default post meta without involving the writer more than they need. One request though, could you please give textarea an optional default value?

    Many thanks!

  20. Hi.
    This is a great plugin! Thank you!!!

    But, I wont put discriptions about each value.

    For Example:
    It’s bbb

    Can I do this?

  21. Hi,
    although Custom Write Pages are being developed, I added a simple feature to Custom Field GUI: ‘select multiple’.

    Where can I send the updated file?

  22. Multiple select lists! OMG… I’m in desperate need for that… So how does one go about tracking down Martins ^_^ and getting the code changes?

  23. I was wondering if there is a simple way to allow html (namely email addresses) in the conf.ini for a select list? I have a case where I would like to create a name and email link pair for a real estate office.

    I am sure that I could hack the rc-custom-field-gui.class.php to not choke on the HTML or create a new loop to do a find and append to the array that the rc-custom-field-gui.class.php builds the select from.

    I would really like to be able to do this without getting into the rc-custom-field-gui.class.php file.

    Any help would be appreciated. Great Plugin BTW!


  24. How are you getting the values of the fields to display in the post? For example if I select miles walked, how will this display on the live site/post? Do I not have to make edits to my wordpress them to display the_meta ?

  25. max,

    You meant radiobutton? Because I don’t have problem unchecking checkbox.

    Just delete the custom field via WP’s custom field interface and refresh the page.

  26. thanks joshua! the trick is to refreh the page after deleting the custom field entry vie WP’s custom field interface, and then saving the page. i simply deleted and then saved. in that case the field prevails…
    hope your custom write panel comes along well, really looking forward to that. it’s gonna make things a lot easier!!!

  27. hm, but if i use clutter free to hide the wp custom fields i wouldnt be able to uncheck an option, once it is checked. should be given thought also for the custom write panel plug in i think. people are quick with chosing an wrong option, as they are sure,that it can simply be undone with another click in the same field.

  28. Hi,

    I;ve using custom fields and it works but the output is sorted in alfabetical order. I don’t want that.

    For example. my custom fields:

    I want this order, but when i view my post it displays:

    Anyone knows how to solve this?

  29. Hi —

    Can this be made to work on Pages as well as Posts? I want to make pages with a custom template that use this plugin’s custom fields.

    I’ll do some experimenting, but I would love it if you would drop me an email. Thanks! :)

  30. Answered my own question! :)

    To make this work on Pages as well, just add this to rc-custom-field-gui.php:

    add_action( ‘edit_page_form’, array( ‘rc_custom_field_gui’, ‘insert_gui’ ) );

  31. it doesnt seem to work on 2.2? Im trying using WP 2.2 clean install… how can i debug what-s wrong with it? It’s not displaying the fields on the write post page.

  32. OMG my bad. i shall be punished for not noticing. everything i ok in 2.2

  33. Fantastic plugin. Works great. Just a side question:

    Do you have any plans to do something similar with the comments page? I’d love the ability to create custom fields for visitors when they comment on an article.

  34. Hello, I need some more functions so I ask.

    1. I need to make that a custom field is a one small icon.
    2. The second thing which I need is filtering posts by the custom field. For example – custom field is an author (not the author of the post, but the author of design etc.). So when I click on this author it will show me all posts which have in this custom field the name of this author. This same function I need with the icons ^^
    3. Custom field is link

    Any tips how to make it ?

    Thank you

  35. Hi,

    Great plugin, thanks! Most of the posts on our website would need the functionality of this plugin, however, some posts e.g. “Events”, wouldn’t need to pull in the custom fields so is there a way to hide/delete/not use these fields so that even when left blank on the form, they don’t appear in the post? Or am I missing something (I’m not a PHP programmer so depend on plugins to help me out with WordPress!) Thanks for your help!

  36. I tried adding add_action( ‘edit_page_form’, array( ‘rc_custom_field_gui’, ‘insert_gui’ ) );, but still don’t get the option for the GUI when posting a PAGE.

    It works fine (awesomely, actually) when writing a POST, but not a PAGE.

    Any suggestions?

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