Shoot, where am I gonna put those labels?

I was reading this article and, man, did I do the right thing with Custom Field GUI?

I’m second guessing. No, I think it’ll better if I put the label above each control, instead of currently to the left of the control and right-aligned. Imagine, currently, those controls would shift to the left or right depending on the length of your labels; not the case when you have the label above the control. Hmm.

Also, don’t you think it’s better for the workflow if we can put those buttons (“Save and Continue Editing,” “Save,” and “Publish”) below the custom fields?

Custom Write Panel

Custom Write Panel is another WordPress plugin in the work. It is a plugin that will allow users to create custom write panels, alongside the existing Write Post and Write Page panels.

This custom write panels will appear under the Write panel, as Write Book Review, Write Aside, or Write [fill in the blank]. When a user chooses to write post under, say, Write Book Review, the write screen will be pre-set with the assigned category (Book Review). It will display certain set of custom fields (Book Title, Author, ISBN, etc).

Screenshot coming soon. Follow updates in Custom Write Panel section. For those of you who’ve been using Custom Field GUI, get ready to ditch that plugin.