The Inception of WordPress for Windows Mobile

I’ve had a smartphone with Windows Mobile for awhile now with the intention to make it as my new development platform. Well, today is the day. I shall begin the process of developing WordPress for Windows Mobile. (I still have to figure out a more original name.)

I installed moBlog on my Samsung Omnia to get a feel of my contender. The application works–good enough to be used, but I could see many ways to improve it. Let the work begin!

3 thoughts on “The Inception of WordPress for Windows Mobile

  1. I hope you’re doing alright developing this program. It’s about time someone made a good program to post to a WordPress blog. Don’t forget to insert an option to upload multiple images in a post. That’s what a lot of people would like to see. :-)
    Good luck!
    Kind regards,

  2. Do you have wordpress application for windows mobile ?
    Not for but for wordpress on self hosted.
    Thank you.

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