Annotating a Photo

A contributor to the web site (Framing the Sky) will have the ability to upload a photo and add annotation. He will be able to draw shapes over the photo to highlight certain portions of interest on the photo. The highlight is to be labeled with defined composition rules. A highlight can be supplied with a note for further clarification.

Framing the Sky

Framing the Sky is a web site that will elaborate why a specific composition or framing is used for a particular photo.

The web site will have contributors that will upload photos and annotate them with common composition patterns/rules that are evident in the photos.

The web site’s visitors will have the ability to learn how a specific photo is taken and to recognize composition patterns. The visitors will be able employ the knowledge in the field.

WordPress for Android

All this hype about Verizon Wireless’ new phone Droid compelled me to write this post, and, well, write this WordPress application for Android. It’s a good thing I don’t have to get a new phone to test out the application because I can use the emulator. I’ve got Eclipse and all the plugins and SDK for developing Android 2.0 application installed on my computer last night. I’ve written the “hello, android” application and I’m ready to rock the Android world. FYI, the official WordPress team, I believe, has started developing this kind of application. Keep an eye on if you’re interested. But for me, I’ll proceed on my own terms.