Custom Comment Text

This WordPress plugin allows the customization of comment text (e.g. “5 Comments”) generated by Template Tag comments_popup_link(). The customization is set per Post basis; the Posts whose comment text are not customized will use default comment text output by that Template Tag.


Unpack the file and upload the file rc-custom-comment-text.php to wp-content/plugins/. Activate from WP’s Plugin Management page.


To specify custom comment text for a Post, fill out the text field input Custom Comment Text in the Write Post page. To include the comment number, add the percentage symbol (%) where the comment number to appear.

The following is an example of the input to Custom Comment Text text field.

To revert to WordPress’ default comment text, empty out the text field input Custom Comment Text.


custom comment text screenshot 1

custom comment text screenshot 2

custom comment text screenshot 3

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  1. So you have custom comments do ya ?
    Well I’d better check it out then…

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