Shoot, where am I gonna put those labels?

I was reading this article and, man, did I do the right thing with Custom Field GUI?

I’m second guessing. No, I think it’ll better if I put the label above each control, instead of currently to the left of the control and right-aligned. Imagine, currently, those controls would shift to the left or right depending on the length of your labels; not the case when you have the label above the control. Hmm.

Also, don’t you think it’s better for the workflow if we can put those buttons (“Save and Continue Editing,” “Save,” and “Publish”) below the custom fields?

15 thoughts on “Shoot, where am I gonna put those labels?

  1. I think you’re right in putting them above the fields. And of course it would be great if the save buttons were below all forms.

    Looking forward to this plugin…


  2. Also looking forward to this plugin — great idea and much needed.

    As to the labels…well, you could always offer both options and let the user select which one works better in specific cases…

    No rest for the capable. *gr* Thanks again for the plugins.

  3. It would make sense to use the same format used for the title and post body for layout then css could easily be used to manipulate the layout.

  4. I personally prefer the sideways version, as more information is presented within the same surface and there is less scrolling. While typing into the form fields, I can read whats left AND below, which allows to prepare the next entry. Without scrolling. For me, readybility is better when labels and fields are aligned horizontally, but let the customer decide by choice of template. Which could be measured.

  5. Why dont you include positioning into your schema?

    type = select
    value = 0-50 # 50-400
    layout = valueontop

    Or even better

    type = select
    value = 0-50 # 50-400
    cssdiv = age

    OR, how easy can you hack it so you can get groups of options in a movable cool widget in post.php?

    type = select
    value = 0-50 # 50-400
    widget = personal

    type = select
    value = dude # dudett
    widget = personal

    type = select
    value = Pissed # happy
    widget = feelings

    type = select
    value = good # bad
    widget = feelings

    Hopefully that gives you something to consider. AND THANK YOU FOR THE PLUGIN, good work.

  6. Hey, I worked on the code for your plugin.

    I changed the style of the input elements to all match the wordpress admin area, as well as changed how the program works with the conf.ini file.

    I also added:
    – descriptions that will show in italics below the field.

    The data that is pulled from the ini file is passed to the field constructor functions as the $data array. The array is parsed and data is placed into variables using PHP’s variable variables.

    You also need to make sure to tell people to add:

    to their template pages so that they can see the added information if it is not being displayed.

    See what it looks like on my screen:

  7. thanks for the plugin!!

    I was wondering: is it possible to have a dropdown selection box that lists files in a directory?

    I’m trying to add a custom field to select an image out of the images that user has already uploaded.


  8. I saw that somebody had made a fix to use multiple select with this plugin, but I can’t fint code for it anywhere. Can somebody post the code, or direct me to where to find it?

  9. Great plugin, exactly what I was looking for!

    I would put title (in bold) and description (in smaller font, maybe) above the field. At least if it’s a multiline textbox..

    What I miss a little bit is grouping of fields into sections with their own headlines. In my current setup, I have 19 multiline textboxes in one write panel (ouch).. so some structure would be valuable!!

    Probably the best solution would be to define the entire write page as html+css, so one could naturally choose where everything is to be placed. Of course, this smells like extra work…

  10. Any updates on this? We’re now in WP 2.6, and a plugin to better manage Custom Fields is sorely needed. Thanks!

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