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I’ve been trying to add admin panel for this plugin. It, so far, adds up to so many lines of code. But once the feature is available, there’s no more need to edit the conf.ini via FTP. This admin panel will allow the creation of a new GUI and deletion of currently available GUIs.

17 thoughts on “Custom Field GUI goes GUI

  1. Hey , AWESOME PLUGIN. This plugin along with the c2c get_custom plugin made my magazine site VERY easy to make. Good job =)

    A request though, making it possible to create a comment next to the custom field. Maybe as a reminder for ALL posters so that they can know what each field means.

    Thanks again =)

  2. Hi,
    I downloaded and activated your plugin in my homepage, in a test page that I’m trying. Point is: I can clearly see the different fields of the custom voices I created in the “write post” admin page, but they don’t show up in the “write page” admin, for static pages. I would like to add different and customized fields in some of my static pages (like info, title, author, for books or movies review) and it would be of great help, but unfortunately seems like I can’t see it in the static pages admin section. Any ideas? Did I miss something?

  3. Doesn’t your custom-fields plugin to create custom fields work for pages AND posts instead of just posts? I’m trying it on WP2.0 RC-1 and the fields are only appearing under a POST…not the pages (while writing.) Any thoughts on this?

  4. I have installed the Custom Field GUI Plugin on WP2.01. Everything look okay when I write a post I can see all the values but when I save is doesn’t appearing on the POST. May be is not compatible with WP2.01. Do you know what happen?

  5. I’ve tested in 2.0.1 and it works fine.

    What do you mean by “[it] doesn’t appearing on the POST?” Does it not show with the Post on the front page? Or does it not show on the “Write Post” page?

    Did the plugin work for you before or is this the first time you installed it?

  6. Sorry I am clear on that, on the admin create new post. I can see the default config. Plan________ Favorite Post_ Mile Walked, Temper Level and Hidden Thought.

    I put a check on the Favorite Post, check on 0-9 and select temper level and save the post. I only see whatever I write in the textarea of the post I write but not custom field I have selected above in the frontpage or single post.


  7. Joshua,
    So this plugin doesn’t have the feature to display the custom field values unless I use another plugin. Is would nice to use one plugin for all that :)
    Thanks for your clarification

  8. Hi Scott,
    I am using the recommended plugin you suggest but I am still ran into this problem here. For example I test to display the Plan on the post by type this on the post

    But is doesn’t display any values of the “Plan”
    Can please check into this, thanks

  9. Never mind I solve the problem by follow the WP Codex. Thanks for the great plugin.

  10. Another way to edit the Custom Field GUI conf.ini is to use WP Admin > Manage > Files > scroll down to Other Files, and enter:


    then click “Edit File” — very handy!

  11. I hope this sort of thing has not already been posted, but I’ve been trying to change the style of the fields on the write post page and thought I would share.

    Just replace the table tags on lines 28-31 with the tags using the #titlediv id and you’re custom fields will look just like the original post fields.

    Great plugin!

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