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  1. Looking forward to be able to edit this plugin in the adminpanel.

    I recently found out that you could add a image:
    [img src=”image.jpg” Mood]
    type = textfield

    sweet ^^.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I’m testing the plugin on my site and it’s working ok. I want to use custom fields instead of the 4 extra categories I added until now to be able to assign images/icons to posts, which tells visitors if in a post sound is added, a picture can be enlarged, if it’s a movieclip or some interactive element is added. Then I use an if-statement to check of a certain customfield – [interactive] – is set to true in order to display an image.

    Like I said this works ok. But you can’t change the name of a custom field as I see it. When I change one of the four names [interactive][sound][popup][movie], the name is replaced in the admin screen, but the box is not checked anymore. Looking in the database the ‘old’ name is still present with the value of ‘true’.

    It would be nice if the customfields could be given their own id somehow, so that changes to a name will result in a sitewise change of all the values given to that customfield throughout the site.

    Could this be done?

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  4. to add the gui on PAGES too:
    add this line to rc-custom-field-gui.php

    add_action( ‘edit_page_form’, array( ‘rc_custom_field_gui’, ‘insert_gui’ ) );

    would be nice to have that included in further versions.

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  7. I’m wondering if you can set a custom field to be “required” in order to post? And is it possible to change the display order of the various fields on the page? If I could do these two things, this plugin would be absolutely perfect for a business application of WordPress I’ve been considering…

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  9. Neil,

    The answer is “No” for both of your question. Though your plugin’s requirements seem to be good candidates to be implemented, I just don’t have the time right now. Currently I’m working on some big WordPress project; there will be no update for awhile — a long while.

  10. Hey this is a v nice plugin, i’ve been looking to had some secondary sub titles to my posts for a while and this pretty much solves my problem.

    One thing, I would love to move my custom fields (Exhibition Location, and Date) to appear directly under the post title field!

    If anyone knows how to do this please drop me an email!


  11. I would love to see screenshots, it makes plug-ins so much better. Please do.

  12. This is an awesome plugin. How would I create a custom field that would allow for date selection (similar to the ‘Edit Time’) field?

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  14. Hello, I like this plugin. It helps me learn Custom Fields, all today for the first time. I have one question/request. How do I assign multiple values to the same key? I know this can be done with Custom Fields, but in your plugin (radio button and drop-down menu) I can only click one option at a time.

    Also would like to have a Dates option please. And I do not see an admin GUI for this, I had to edit confi.ini


  15. Joshua, I wonder if you can tell me what would happen if I assign multiple values to the same key in the regular WordPress Custom Fields section of Advanced? (I am quite new at this part of WordPress). Is it possible there and will it break this plugin when I “Save and Continue”?

  16. Dgold,

    When the plugin is active and you enter multiple values to the same key (thru WP’s GUI), only the first value will be saved. So, to enter multiple values, you have to de-activate the plugin.

  17. One more question? What if I have a WP-Custom Field that isn’t entered in the Custom Fields GUI .ini? Can I use that regular-WP one for multiple values/same key? I have a couple things I want to do that for, but still want to use your plugin if I can.

  18. Hi. Thanks for making this plugin. It’s exactly what I’m looking for, except that I don’t understand how to call the custom information into the actual page! I guess this sounds like a pretty stupid questions, but I didn’t see an explination for how to retreive the fields once they’ve been added. For example, when I call the content I use . Is there a similar command to get your plugin to call the metadata? Again, sorry for such a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find an answer to this. Thanks.

  19. Excellent work on the plugin. Would it be possible to make rediobuttons, checkboxes with different title and value? I want to use this to select a different timezone when posting something. A title of “Amsterdam/Europe” would be so much nicer than 3600 (offset from GMT), what I’m using right now.

  20. Joshua,

    Look like this plugin is not compatible with WP2.01 because doesn’t display anything on the post.
    Can you please into this. Thanks

  21. Elaine,

    I’ve tested with 2.0.1 and it works fine. What does not display? The graphical user interface? Did the plugin work for you before or is this the first time you installed it?

  22. joshua, i have a prob..

    everytime i click on the ‘save and continue editing’ button to update a post, every custom field gui that have a value will be duplicated in the wp default custom field.

    it’s so annoying coz if i have 6 custom fields, it’ll bcome 12 in a single update, n the easiest way to delete them is by deleting them directly from the database.

    anybody w/ the same prob? or just me?

    sorry 4 my poor english.

  23. winz,

    So, say, you have 2 values, when you press ‘save and continue editing,’ you end up with 4? And when you press again, you get 8?

  24. yup, that’s the prob.. n if i update any value in customfield gui, it will add a new custom field with the same label.

  25. joshua, i’ve figured it out..

    it’s the conf.ini, i set my label like this [Day/Date:&nbsp] (to put the textbox not so close to the label),

    when i remove the &nbsp, the prob is gone.

    sorry 4 buggin u since yerterday.. tq anyway 4 ur time..

  26. I’ve found a small bug in your otherwise fantastic app! If you include characters such as a single quote (e.g., “wouldn’t”) in your custom fields, they won’t be save properly. You can escape them (e.g., “wouldn’t”) which works, but the escape character disappears if you edit the post, and then without it, the custom field will be deleted when you re-save.

    I hacked around in the source code, and I think you need to escape the custom before you insert it. That’s what admin-functions.php does for editing metadata. I changed the code so that $meta_value is escaped via:


    at the end of rc-custom-field-gui.class.php before insertion, and that seemed to work fine. I’m not certain though whether you want the stripslashes there or not; I’m guessing, it’s so that if they manually escape characters in their post, then we remove those slashes, then reinsert them if necessary. (e.g., “Cat\’s -> Cat’s -> Cat\’s). Otherwise,the text would be inserted literally (e.g., “Cat\’s -> Cat\\\’s -> Cat\’s?).

    It’s possible you should also do the same with the meta_key if you don’t already when it’s created; that’s what’s done in admin-functions.

    Hope that’s of some use! Keep up the great work!

  27. D’oh! I didn’t mean the first sentence of my post to read like it did! The exclamation mark was for “fantastic app!” no “I found a small bug!” :) Sorry!

  28. I made GUI for your pluging by myself (and fix many many bugs in HTML code), but i see that you done it too. I’am waiting for your version to compare with my.

  29. Przemk0,

    I don’t think I’ll ever release a new version. You could link your version in comment, if you want.

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