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Custom Write Panel is another WordPress plugin in the work. It is a plugin that will allow users to create custom write panels, alongside the existing Write Post and Write Page panels.

This custom write panels will appear under the Write panel, as Write Book Review, Write Aside, or Write [fill in the blank]. When a user chooses to write post under, say, Write Book Review, the write screen will be pre-set with the assigned category (Book Review). It will display certain set of custom fields (Book Title, Author, ISBN, etc).

Screenshot coming soon. Follow updates in Custom Write Panel section. For those of you who’ve been using Custom Field GUI, get ready to ditch that plugin.

24 thoughts on “Custom Write Panel

  1. this is exactly what i am looking for for more then year. Gr8

    I would just recomend (or please) to make it universal – so you could add in some management what it will be (e.g. write review, add product …), define what will by the post type, and define custom fields per that type, default values for anything, hide unnecessary fields (e.g. upload files …). That would be perfect

  2. Really looking forward to playing with this one, the Custom Fields GUI plugin alone has made my WordPress post page hugely more sophisticated and (hopefully) not much more difficult for my other authors.

  3. I’m a heavy WordPress user and I really push WP to it limits when I use it for CMS sites and I have been using the custom fields for a while. I really look forward to this plugin. Exactly what I need. At last there’s something that fills the gap.

  4. Wow, this plugin seems to be a must for all WP advanced users. Waiting the first release, i’m so excited :) nice work Josh

  5. Any idea at all of a release date? Even an ALPHA release to test would be great!

  6. Hi, sorry about this basic question -but if one is using Custom Field GUI, will Custom Write panel be backwards compatible? :D Thanks! Both Custom Field GUi and even more so Custom Write Panel appears to be what I’m looking for!

  7. By backwards compatible you mean…? No, you won’t lose all custom fields that you entered using Custom Field GUI. Custom Field GUI and Custom Write Panel are just interfaces; everything is saved as how WP would save it. If you disable the plugins, nothing will break.

    So, yeah, once Custom Write Panel is out, you could disable Custom Field GUI. You just need to re-define the interfaces.

  8. Ah, nice to hear of this from someone on the WP forums today. I’ve been using Custom Field GUI for quite some time, and wanting to step-it-up to another level of sophistication. Glad you’re doing this, thanks.

  9. Amazing plugin, can’t wait to try it ! I have a question tho : will that be possible to add an image for cover book with custom fields ? Even better, add a galley. I’ve been looking for such a plugin for years… Any date for the release ? :)

  10. Hi, it’s me again. I was thinking about your plugin and on the screenshots it appears that we have to check a special category (Book Review) to get the specified custom panel. But what if I already have subcategories (Sci-fi, thriller) in the main category Movies ? How can I check those three categories (Movies > Thriller > Book Review) ? Wouldn’t it be easier to add something like Write Review like we already have Write Post and Write Page ? This way I could check whatever categories I want and I won’t be stucked only with the Book Review category. Is that possible to make ? I hope you read me Joshua ^^

  11. Angelo,

    What happen is, when you create a Custom Write Panel, you could pre-assign which category/categories the Post will belong to. So, say you click on Write Review, the category Book Review will be already selected for you, but you could still select any categories you want from the category list.

    If you’re confused by the the screenshot, yeah, the screenshot is wrong. Write Book Review should be the active tab already.

  12. Ok, that’s great then ! I will be able to write a review and assign it to any of my categories/subcategories, that’s exactly what I was looking for :)

    BTW, will it be possible to add a rating and a cover to each review ? Now I’m done borring you with all my questions ^^

  13. For rating, you could make a radio button list or dropdown with options [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] or [Good, Moderate, Bad] or whatever (dunno what you want).

    For cover, you could create a textbox with the url the image, or you could just attach image using WP’s image uploader in write panel.

  14. Waow, that would be amazing ! So the plugin will provide custom fields to do so without extra coding ? I really can’t wait for your plugin. Any release date ? :)

  15. Hey I noticed there are problems with this in 2.3 because they got rid of the wp_categories table and this code uses it.

    Here are some sql fixes for it if you are using 2.3 ….


    Change line 29
    $sql = “SELECT cat_ID, cat_name FROM $wpdb->categories ORDER BY cat_name”;


    $sql = “SELECT term_ID AS cat_ID, name AS cat_name FROM wp_terms ORDER BY cat_name”;


    Change lines 153 – 155

    $sql = “SELECT rc.cat_id, cat_name FROM ” . RC_CWP_TABLE_PANEL_CATEGORY .
    ” rc JOIN $wpdb->categories wp ON rc.cat_ID = wp.cat_ID” .
    ” WHERE panel_id = ” . $customWritePanelId;


    $sql = “SELECT rc.cat_id, AS cat_name FROM ” . RC_CWP_TABLE_PANEL_CATEGORY .
    ” rc JOIN wp_terms wp ON rc.cat_ID = wp.term_id” .
    ” WHERE panel_id = ” . $customWritePanelId;

  16. excellent fix, thanks! You may need to change the quote marks if its not working, I had to. Or it could just be the way editplus interprets quote marks.

  17. Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to add the write panels name to the page where you actually write the posts. How would I easily accomplish this?

  18. Hi Joshua,

    I came across your plugin while researching if somebody had already built a plugin which would allow for the creation of new types of text besides a Page and a Post.

    I would like to help out with developing and combine forces. So if you’re interested let me know :)

    All the best,


  19. i was wondering if there was any progress, and if possible a ajax gui for placing, and organising the fields

  20. i’m having problems getting custom-write-panel to work in wp 2.6.2. I’ve modified the code as per comment 17 but when I create a new panel, nothing gets submitted to the database.

    has anybody had success with 2.6.2? If so what should I look at?

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